Shipbuilding has taken place on the shores of the Mediterranean for millennia, and this is exactly where ARES Shipyard is located, on the South Coast of Turkey in the Antalya Free Zone. ARES have their own facilities here, fully equipped for the construction of all their vessels up to 100 m in length.

ARES have developed their experience and high level of skills in the design and build of Military and Para-Military patrol vessels delivered to a variety of Navies, Coast Guard Agencies and Maritime Enforcement Agencies across the globe. On the other hand, ARES have been designing and building various types of leisure crafts including motor yachts, sport boats as well as work boats including passenger ferries, harbor control boats, crew and supply boats, search and rescue boats and ambulance boats since their commencement.

ARES Shipyard specializes in working with the most advanced materials, tools and equipment of the day. There is a different approach here at ARES, they are always aware that the working requirements of the vessel, should dictate the specification, rather than starting with a vessel and making it fit the requirements.

ARES remain at the cutting edge in technology, materials and design, fast delivery and procurement program with full participation in decision-making and design processes with their personnel and stakeholders. Furthermore, ARES present integrated solutions for weapon systems, total quality management, comprehensive integrated logistics support services, operational training, taking pride in technical excellence and innovative design. Enabling this, and delivering to the customer, ARES have aligned themselves with the best designers and suppliers from around the world, and actively partnered with premier companies as “key-partners” in each particular area.

ARES believe and rely on “fabrilia movent obrem” rhetoric denoting “hand craft moves the world” like the legendary old boats hand-made by their ancestors in the Eastern Black Sea Coast of Turkey.

Ares Story

ARES Shipyard was founded in 2006 as a family owned enterprise and commenced operations with successful deliveries of small pleasure craft and leisure boats. Thereafter, the Shipyard has gained experience in composite works, ARES have completed entire metal works of a mega yacht project that provided comprehensive knowledge and expertise in high-tensile steel and aluminum builds as well.

After gaining experience in composite, aluminum and steel productions, a critical milestone has taken place in ARES story: strategic decision to build and specialize in “work boats” and “naval craft”. In this perspective, ARES Shipyard has initiated meticulous design, R&D and started to make investments especially in marketing, human resources, organizational management, integrated logistics support, quality assurance management, and production technologies to become a global defense industry supplier.

As a yield of intensive studies and investments, remarkable numbers of naval, patrol, utility and support craft have been developed, built and delivered to various global and national authorities such as Coast Guard, Marine Police, Harbor Masters as well as private companies providing marine security.

Security Clearance is a high priority when building military and paramilitary vessels. Therefore during this time period, to become a national and global defense supplier, ARES have accomplished to obtain National Secret Level Security Clearance and has been accredited by the Ministry of National Defense as a NATO Reference Supplier. On the other hand ARES Shipyard has been granted worldwide recognized and distinctive certifications (ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 9001:2008) to ensure highest level of Quality Management for its clients as well as other stakeholders.

No matter what, ARES have always had the fidelity to their commencing point and passion to design and build pleasure and passenger craft for their prospective clients with enthusiasm.

Ares Values

ARES Shipyard ensures to provide “tailor made” solutions by listening its customers

ARES Shipyard believes “continuous development and change” to assure highest quality and most advance solutions for its customers.

ARES Shipyard believes in participation and involvement of customers and suppliers brings success with “win & win “ strategy.

The most valuable asset of ARES Shipyard is its human resources. ARES Shipyard encourages “team play” to make impossible things possible.


ARES Shipyard is located on the south coast of Turkey, where they have modern, climate controlled facilities in Antalya Free Zone, essential and fully equipped for the construction of all their various types of vessels.

Why Antalya Free Zone?

  • Perfectly established infrastructure,
  • VAT, income and corporate tax exemption,
  • No importation regime applied,
  • Competent labor force in easy reach,
  • Specialized subcontractors,
  • Vessel carriage & launching facilities,
  • Available berths for final outfitting, Harbor and sea trials.

Production Facilities

ARES Shipyard is currently carrying out production at two facilities in Antalya, where it has totally 15,000 square meters of enclosed area. Through additional investments shipyards enclosed area capacity will be reaching up to 25,000 square meters. These facilities comprise wet berths with hard-standing and fabrication workshops including very comprehensive and fully equipped metal work shop, carpentry workshop, composite work shop, paint oven as well as stores, fully enclosed and climate controlled composite facilities, and even offices for visiting clients, meeting rooms, training classrooms.

The facilities are extensive enough to include provision for segregation between areas of construction for Steel, Aluminum and Composite builds. In this way, there is zero risk for cross-contamination of materials such as particle contamination of steel or aluminum into a composite construction, or indeed steel particles contaminating an aluminum structure.

Design & Technology

ARES Shipyard has an “inclusive” approach to all of their projects, ensuring that the client and all other interested parties such as designers and suppliers, are involved from the start, but also remain involved throughout the end-to-end, life-cycle of each project. In this way communication is magnified, understanding is quicker and easier, the client gets what they want, and the designers, suppliers and builders know how to deliver that. This turn-key approach includes the Tender, Design, and Build, Supply, Service and After-Sales Support to ensure that prospective customers enjoy a level of quality, innovation and support unsurpassed within the industry. Herewith and with belief of “strength through partnership” ARES Shipyard has been collaborating its relations with the most reputable naval design offices like BMT Nigel Gee, Rolls-Royce Design, Gloss Design, KND Kobus Naval Design. Whilst, Shipyard has been also developing new designs, concepts and solutions through its naval architects and industrial designers.

Through the investments in capacity increase, ARES Shipyard is capable to build and supply advanced composite including vacuum infusion, aluminum and steel vessels at the same time. With this flexibility with cutting edge technology ARES Shipyard has significant advantage whilst other shipbuilders may “specialize” in usually one area. ARES Shipyard has clear Expertise and Experience covering every facet of Ship & Boat-Building, Repair, Service and Support.


ARES Shipyard’s main targets are to sustain and ensure to be leading shipyard uses cutting-edge technology by taking into consideration of global and domestic market needs and to sustain being reputable shipyard in shipbuilding industry through the modern project management applied in Ship Building, Refit and Integrated Logistics Support.

All of ARES Shipyard’s employees work to reach this target with their unconditional commitment to the existing laws, regulations and standards. ARES Shipyard believes efficient and high quality production can be done in a healthy and safe working atmosphere. ARES Shipyard’s basic principles are to prevent its employee’s health deterioration during working in the shipyard, to sustain Shipyard’s activities, production and services by avoiding environmental damages or taking necessary precautions to minimize environmental risks and to leave livable future to the next generations by raising awareness of its employees about environmental protection.

ARES Shipyard follows below stated policies in all of its works and activities;
• To provide training for employees, sub-contractors to be aware of their individual responsibilities about environmental protection, occupational health and safety.
• To ensure customer satisfaction.
• To prevent environmental pollution.
• To show performance in environmental protection, occupational health and safety beyond the legal and other requirements.
• To share mutual experiences and information about environmental protection, occupational health and safety with public, private sector and non-governmental organizations.
• To ensure constant improvement of Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Systems performance.

ARES Shipyard Board Members, General Manager and other managerial staff commit to the following liabilities intended for development, improvement and application of Environmental Policy as Part of Integrated Quality Management System:
• To fulfill the requirements of environmental compliance within the framework of Legislation and compliance with legal requirements and minimize environmental risks through efficient use of resources.
• To improve environmental management system in terms of continuous improvement of environmental performance, to set out environmental objectives and targets, to contribute to sustainable development by working to achieve the objectives and targets.
• To eliminate the potential environmental risks by determining environmental impacts.
• To raise awareness of our employees about environmental protection by giving training, to inform and ensure participation of all our employees.
• To ensure recycling the waste that occurs in our facilities.

ARES Shipyard Board Members, General Manager and other managerial staff commit to the following liabilities intended for development, improvement and application of occupational health and safety management systems:
• To provide safe and healthy working conditions to the employees in order to prevent occupational accidents and diseases.
• To conform to the applicable legal requirements regarding occupational health and safety.
• To plan proper training sessions to the employees regarding occupational health and safety rules and regulations.
• To include employees into the development processes of occupational health and safety.
• To provide continuous improvement.
• To plan and initiate official management reviews periodically and make evaluations.