Contract Maintenance

ARES provide comprehensive short or long term craft maintenance services across defense and commercial markets. ARES have been delivering maintenance contracts which maximize the availability rates of naval and commercial crafts.

Preventive/periodic maintenance programs can be tailored to suit individual customer requirements and delivered onsite via an experienced team of ARES engineers and technicians. Corrective maintenance and modernization programs can also be factored in for a complete solution including critical spare parts and tools.

Integrated Logistics Support Services

Multi-discipline ILS packages, including maintenance management system, full technical documentation management and supply support system management are available via ARES’s extensive database of quality-assured suppliers and existing partnerships.

  • Maintenance Management System

    ARES offer you a comprehensive Maintenance Management System package including:

    • A full configuration of the system for accurate and efficient asset management
    • Planned Maintenance System (PMS) data
    • Maintenance cards for carrying out preventive/periodic maintenance
    • PMS and maintenance trainings
    • CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)
  • Supply Support System

    Supply Support System includes a complementary data package for the Maintenance Management System including:

    • Spare parts, consumables and tools in order to carry out preventive/periodic maintenance tasks
    • Insurance items/critical spares and STMT’s (Special Test and Measurement Tools) in order to carry out corrective maintenance tasks and troubleshooting
  • Technical Data and Documentation Packages
    • Configuration Management Data
      For the vessels built in ARES, we offer manageable and comprehensible product data in terms of configuration management standards.
    • Operator and Maintenance Manuals
      ARES offer comprehensive and distinctive Operator and Maintenance Manuals tailored for individual customer needs based on international standards.
    • Customer Oriented Handbooks/Instructions
      Additional handbooks and instruction manuals are also offered by ARES such as Safety Instructions, Quick User Guides etc. according to the customer needs.

Spare Parts

Drawing on the extensive supplier network and with fast and on-time logistics department, ARES provide to customers with a one-stop shop for all spare parts requirements. ARES can also list and supply insurance spare parts, as well as provide recommendations on stock levels.

  • Periodic/Preventive Maintenance Spare Parts

    This data package includes spare parts and consumables generated from the Planned Maintenance System of ARES, built distinctively for each and every customer tailored project.

  • Corrective Maintenance Spare Parts-Insurance Items

    Insurance items are expected to fail infrequently, if at all. However, due to their high essentiality and long lead times, a number of spares are desired. It depends on the customer’s risk perceptions and availability exceptions of their prospective products. ARES offers an insurance items package together with the project deliverables based on criticality analysis and lead times of the specific systems/equipment installed.


To meet the increasing complexity of modern sea platforms built by ARES, we provide tailored training packages for operators and maintenance personnel. Training can be delivered on customer’s location or at ARES Shipyard premises in Antalya/TURKEY.

  • Familiarization Courses

    Basic operational and safety training courses targeting specifically the new platforms for experienced operators

  • Operator Trainings

    Comprehensive operator trainings for the new platforms tailored for the customer needs and expectations

  • Maintenance Trainings

    Maintenance training packages including onboard, intermediate and depot level maintenance courses depending on the customer requirements as well as use and maintenance concept